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A beginner backcountry skier


she is from China, love skiing, love Japan.

Welcome to Hokkaido.

This is Mt Asahidake(2,291m), it's biggest mountain in Hokkaido.

She has a nice ski called Vector glide with a Japanese brand.

This trip,

I was hired as ski photographer by Chinese agent. So we stay at Furano Hotel Munin since 2018 Dec. Then weather is not good condition, a storm coming, so we should find other ski area.

In the early morning, our plan is changed to go to Asahidake. But hopeless. Because it is stormy day. However we have no choice for skiing at same location.

We arrived at Asahidake Ropeway, prepare ski gears and avalanche gears, start skiing.

Surprisingly, super nice snow!! deep & dry snow!! it's "Japow" we enjoyed skiing countless!!

we changed the hotel from Furano to Asahidake.

the hotel is Bearmonte, nice hotel, nice hot spring(温泉/onsen)

Next day

Coming blue sky, no cloud, much powder snow everywhere!!

Amazing ski day. & shooting is very fun!!

Let's book a ski photographer

We capture your skiing date in Japan.

Our recommendation is A-Chan photography, his name is Eiichi Matsuyama/松山永一. He can speak English, skiing very nice, and knows Hokkaido location anywhere.





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